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Custom Tattoo Design

Custom Tattoo Design from the Best Local Tattoo Shop in Hanoi

Custom Tattoo Design is the hottest trend in Hanoi. Whether you want to come get some freshly drawn flash or you want to talk with one of our artists about finally getting that big piece done, our tattoo shop is here to help you with all of that and everything in between. Getting a custom tattoo comes down to understanding what you want and finding the artist at our shop that you want to work with.


We’re the best local tattoo shop in Hanoi and our art speaks for itself. When you step into our shop, you can see that our artists are at the top of their game. Custom tattoo art is all about figuring out the design you want to get and matching up with one of our artists. Even if you just have a rough idea of the tattoo you want, our artists can help you shape that idea into your dream tattoo.


Custom tattoo design from the best local tattoo shop in Hanoi comes directly from the years of skill our artists have built up. Our artists can work with you to make the design of your dreams or create something totally new for you. When you’re looking for a new tattoo, our artists are ready to go.


In order to help your new tattoo go as best as it possibly can, make sure to get in touch with our artists ahead of time. It takes time to create your new tattoo and the more advance notice you give us, the better we can make your design. For a smaller tattoo or a unique piece of art from our collection of pre-designed flash art, you’re welcome to come in and ask about days of availability.


To talk with one of our artists about your next design, give us a call or stop in today!

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