Personal Aftercare

NINja Ink Aftercare Instructions


Why we  use Saniderm?

Please follow and adhere to NINja Ink Tattoo Studio healing and aftercare instructions ONLY.   The tattoo you've just received is yours, but it is also ours!  We care about our art and we care about how it heals on YOU!
If you're unclear about the instructions provided or listed here please don't hesitate to contact us.

After 24 Hours

After 24 Hours, remove Saniderm Bandage slowly using warm water and soap. Clean thoroughly.  Allow to dry 10-15 mins, slowly apply second bandage.

Leave the second bandage for 6-7 days

The tattoo will heal using your body's natural healing properties.  Remove the Saniderm Bandage slowly using warm water and soap. Clean thoroughly.


Apply moisturizer for 1-2 weeks. Avoid chlorinated pools for a month. Wear Tattoo Sunscreen if necessary.

Still curious? Contact us.

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